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Willingboro has always been a community that overcomes adversity and changes national viewpoints on a local level.  We were once the premiere destination to live and 2020 is the year the community takes control and writes it’s own story.  “Boro Pride Live Inside”

Harry Walker – Broker of Record, Lions Pride Realty

Starting from the bottom, but we’re not staying here.


In 3 short years we’ve managed to turn our school board around have 6 new members that vow to put the kids first.  These leaders will provide the direction for our new superintendent to prepare our kids for success.


4 short years ago candidates didn’t even campaign in Willingboro.  The democratic line was the winning ticket & they knew it.  This year 3 ladies defeated that line convincing the community to #expectmore


The change in the community is not just that of replacing local politicians, but the restoration of the sense of family.  Boro Pride is reaching new heights as that premier destination that families aspire to achieve.

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The days of sitting back helpless, watching self-serving leadership and the media write our narrative is officially over.  We want your ideas and you involvement.  Make an appointment today to see how you can get involved.

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